Apex APEX146 Conference Microphone with Silent Switch - Condenser

Apex APEX146 Conference Microphone with Silent Switch - Condenser

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The Apex146 desktop microphone designed for conferencing or public speaking applications.

Three user selectable operating modes (ON/OFF, Push-To-Talk or Push-To-Mute) functions allow the Apex146 to be tailored to any specific requirement or application. The large integrated silent touch-switch on the front panel allows user control of the Apex146 without the annoying snaps and pops that can plague a multi-microphone setup in high gain, high volume applications. An LED illuminated ring in the housing clearly displays the ready-to-talk condition to the user. The Apex146 is ideal for conferencing, discussion groups, tele/video conferencing and announcement applications.

The Apex146 is a condenser microphone and requires phantom power to operate. The microphone is enclosed in a rugged all metal housing with a low reflectance black finish and narrow gooseneck to limit visual distraction on lectern, conference desk or podium.


    • Solid All Metal Heavy Duty Base

    • Large On/Off Silent Operation Touch Switch

    • Three User Selectable Switch Modes (Lock On, Touch to Talk, Touch to Mute)

    • Highly Visible On/Off LED Indicator on Base

    • Integrated Switchable High Pass Filter

  • Flexible Integrated Gooseneck