Boss DD-8 Digital Delay

Boss DD-8 Digital Delay

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This loaded pedal delivers more of everything - more great sounds, more delay time, more control options, and more connectivity. And it does it all in a standard BOSS pedal that slides easily into any mono or stereo setup. Eleven modes provide delay colours from basic to exotic, plus a looper with unlimited overdub capability and external control support. For maximum versatility in a minimum amount of space, there's no better delay stomp than the DD-8.


• Eleven versatile modes include basic digital delay, vintage echoes, shimmer, mod, looper, and more
• Looper offers up to 40 seconds of recording time, overdub capability, and three-pedal operation with external footswitches
• Three newly developed delay types: Warm, +RV (delay+reverb), and GLT (rhythmic delay)
• Up to 10 seconds of delay time available with tap tempo input
• Carryover switch sets whether delay trails continue or stop when the effect is bypassed
• True stereo I/O and three selectable output modes (independent, panning, and wide stereo)
• Smart I/O jacks support a variety of connection setups (mono, stereo, wet/dry, wet only, and more)
• Support for external control with two footswitches or an expression pedal
• Unique Twist function available in each delay mode via an external footswitch
• BOSS five-year warranty

DD-8 Delay Modes

• Analog - Classic analog BBD delay sound.
• Standard - Clear digital delay.
• Tape - Vintage tape-based delay sound.
• Warm - Digital delay with a softer sound.
• Reverse - Backwards delay for cool psychedelic effects and other unique tones.
• +RV - Digital delay with reverb added.
• Shimmer - Pitch-shifted delay for lush, shimmering textures.
• Mod - Digital delay with modulation added on the repeats.
• Warp - Unique delay with expressive pedal control. Holding the pedal switch increases feedback and level, allowing you to create ambient swell effects.
• GLT - Newly developed delay mode that creates glitchy machine-gun effects when the pedal switch is pressed. Adjust the Feedback and Time knobs for a wide variety of sounds.
• Loop - Loop recorder with overdub capability and up to 40 seconds of recording time with mono input (20 seconds with stereo input).